Our Mission

Deja New's mission is to serve the people of Leicester by supporting local charitable organizations and families in need.

From October 2018 to April 2019, Deja New worked with other charitable organizations and donors to purchase a wheelchair-accessible van for Eddy Besse, a Leicester Primary School student. It took 6 months to raise $40,000! Here’s Eddy rolling up to his new van.

Recently, Deja New helped Maddie Cole, a Memorial School student, raise funds to purchase a service dog. It took a week and a half to raise $17,000!

They say it takes a village, and Leicester is a very giving community.

Non-Profit Organization

Structured as a non-profit, Deja New serves the needs of the people of Leicester by providing much-needed financial assistance to the following charitable organizations:

  • Greenville Baptist Food Pantry - Currently serves more than 50 families on a regular basis. Open twice a week.

  • Hearts for Heat - Currently provides home heating oil or fuel assistance to eligible residents of the town of Leicester. Applications are available at Hearts for Heat, PO Box 69, Rochdale, MA 01542 or by calling 508-892-3086. You can also get an application at the Town Clerk's Office, the Leicester Senior Center, and the Leicester Food Pantry.

  • Leicester Food Pantry - Currently serves 200 families living in the town of Leicester. Open every Tuesday night from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Must provide proof of residency.

  • Families in Need - Deja New supports families in need on an ad hoc basis.

Deja New is entirely staffed by volunteers.

Who Are We?

Deja New is a group of five women who are passionate about serving others.